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Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) is a transnational collective of percussion bands, that advocate different kinds of socio-political and ecological topics. The bands support demonstrations, rallies and direct political actions among others.

The form of action is inspired by the “Blocos-Afros“ in Brazil. They were bands that used Samba Rhythms and other elements of carnival to energize and amplify the anti-military regime protest movements.

The first RoR-Band was established in London in the year 2000. Since then many worldwide connected groups have been founded. Just in Germany there are 26 RoR-Bands and many more around the world.

The RoR-activists use tactical frivolity, that means an absurd and playful appearance, as a political form of action to critically confront authoritarian systems.

Therefor they wear pink and silver clothes, funny wigs and other costumes.

Political Program

RoR sees itself as anti-hierarchal, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist and anti-racist and is committed to animal’s, worker’s and LGBTQIAPK+ rights as well as social and ecological justice. Other than that, the bands show active solidarity to those, who are exploited, discriminated or oppressed, if it doesn’t contradict its other principles.

These principles are implemented inside the bands as well. For this reason, a horizontal structure and direct democracy is intended and realized through consensual decision-making processes.


The bands play Samba and other beats with different percussion instruments (tambourin, agogo, shaker, repenique, snare und surdo).

The RoR-bands usually play standing in a circle, while the person who signs for the group alternates. Among others, tunes, breaks, instruments, pauses and repetitions have their own signs as well as indicators for tempo and dynamic. This way RoR-activists can coordinate their music worldwide nonverbally and even in loud situations. The different musical fragments can be combined spontaneously and creatively in rehearsals and events.

Here is a link to many of the tunes and signs:


RoR Schwerin

We wish to strengthen, energize and motivate political activism and protests in Schwerin and elsewhere.

We gladly accept requests for joining political events. We will decide consensually in our group whether we can and want to participate or not. Principally we want to engage in political activity with people who share our fundamental political values. Creating contact with initiators is also useful to agree upon shouting breaks that can be integrated in the music.


There are different possibilities to become involved in RoR Schwerin. On one hand, we’re looking forward to welcoming new activists, who want to rehearse in our weekly meetings and take part in our political actions or organize those with us. No previous knowledge is required, but the perfect qualification is to enjoy making music together with others and to have a bit sense of rhythm.

On the other hand, people who support the group from the outside especially in demonstrations are a great assistance. They supply with water, answer questions to people who are interested in RoR or prevent other demonstrators to walk through the circle.

Send us a message if you want to participate. We are open for all people who share our principles.


Email: ror-schwerin [at] riseup.com

Facebook: Rhythms of Resistance Schwerin